Things from St. Martin’s: Hacking the Universe

Hacking the Universe: Magic in the Digital Age was first published in 2009 and is considered the book about Modern Magic, it is also one of the few widely released books on magic. It contains theories that relate spell casting to computer code and possible new ways to link spells together, cast from great distances, or set up spells to run long after the caster has left. The view of magic as a set of systems to be discovered, rather than a tradition that can only be learned from studying the past, did not begin with Hacking the Universe, though it may have increased this view’s popularity. 

Hacking the Universe was initially self-published by its anonymous author, the limited copies passed from magician to magician. It gained the notice of general audiences after it was picked up by a major publisher. While magicians were interested in theory and potentially more efficient spells there was a minor media outcry that this tome could be heralding a new Age of Magic. This outcry ended when people tried reading the book and found that, for the most part, it was excessively boring. 

It is still popular with magicians as a clearly written introduction to magical theory with a few philosophical tidbits thrown in.

.  Image

(The cover of the original, 2009 edition.)

(Photo credit.)


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