When We Made Monsters – An Introduction

When We Made Monsters is my obligatory, self-indulgent, novel-type project. It’s a fantasy story that takes place in the suburbs about growing up sheltered, working too hard, keeping secrets, and destroying the laws of nature.

The Setting: St. Martin’s was built as your average middle-class housing development, but the first families hadn’t had the chance to unpack when the ghosts started moving in. The developers had a meeting and called in some exorcists, some being an insufficient amount, they called in some more. Eventually they were providing discounted housing to anyone who could chant a few lines and draw a few signs. Following the exorcists, who have never been able to turn down a good spell, were the magicians.

Cut to today. While spellery and witchcraft is distrusted in most of middle-America it’s found a comfortable haven in St. Martin’s.


Max: From a family of doctor’s, though his dad is the first one to have a PhD. He’s bright, finicky, slightly asocial and obsessed with immortality. 15, lives with his parents in a house that seems to change by magic, though it’s really just his mom getting bored with the decorating.

Joseph: Recently discovered he’s a powerful empath. He’s the envy of other St. Martin’s students for having natural ability, but since he doesn’t know how to do anything it seems like an empty gift. Cheerful, friendly, and ill-equipped to talk about his feelings or anyone else’s. He lives in a group home for kids from out of town that need the unique facilities and resources provided in St. Martin’s.

Della: A seventeen-year-old hailing from a long line of magicians. She is apprenticing to her mother, who has focused their family’s brand of magic, which once focused on weaponry, to augment electronics. While you’ll have to go somewhere else to expand your computer’s memory or fix your cracked iphone head to Della’s if you you want a phone that’s resistant to water lightning strikes or is able to tell you when suspicious people or wolves are close. Della and Joseph became fast friends due to similar personalities (their both loud and direct) and their shared love of soccer and cheap vodka. She is almost incapable of being dishonest, which makes both Max (who is working on borderline illegal experiments) and her closeted girlfriend very nervous.


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